WORKSHOP SERIES in the studio. (located just north of Humboldt Park in Chicago IL)

All offerings are first-come-first-serve but feel free to email if you would like to schedule a private group workshop or to request more class times! No experience required, all levels welcome!

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Fabricate a smoking device, mug or table top planter using tubes, geometric shapes and colorful marble clay. Each piece will be glazed clear and fired within the week after the workshop and available for pick-up or shipping 7-10 days later. BYOB!


October 22nd | 7-9:30 pm | $45 

November 5th | 7-9:30 pm | $45

December 3rd | 7-9:30 pm | $45

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Using basic glaze and paint techniques, students will use various feminist erotica and my own illustrations to compose their own 7” canape plate. Plates are pre-made before class and fired directly after. ALL LEVELS WELCOME! BYOB!


November 9th | 7-9:30 pm | $45

December 14th | 7-9:30 pm | $45

Erotic Plate Painting Class
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co-hosted erotic plate painting series


Starting in 2019 I will be holding co-hosted Erotic Plate Workshops with local Chicago makers, activists, educators, sex-workers, artists, writers and more to dive a little more deeply into pleasure rituals. The class will be slightly longer and include a casual salon-style Q&A between the host and myself as we explore topics together. None of the participants will be required to share, it is all voluntary. For each class we will be collaborating on a small collection of topic-related artwork to be painted on the plates.


Body based 3-week Erotic ceramic class with Rosey Puloka

Join artist Leah Ball and dance/movement therapist Rosey Puloka in a trauma-informed, body-based extended erotic plate painting class. This class was created out of a want for folks who have experienced trauma to feel included in erotic spaces no matter where they are in their process. Feeling the sun on your face can be erotic. Holding hands can be erotic. Making art can be erotic. Leah and Rosey believe that erotic exploration is for everybody and it can be done in a brave, respectful, and transformative way. It’s important to note that this is not group therapy. This is a therapeutic class. Participants will be guided through basic body-based exercises for grounding, regulation, and present moment awareness. We will combine clay paint and glaze techniques, handbuilding and play to get into our bodies and build relationship with our sensual imaginations. 

In this class you will first learn to compose and paint erotic imagery on a canape plate. In the second class you will learn to make a medium-large bowl, platter or vase in preparation for the final class where you will paint the piece with more erotic images!  This class is a mesh of art and healing, solo work and community, learning and playing. 

Each piece will be glazed clear and fired within the week after the workshop and available for pick-up or shipping 7-10 days later. This is a BYOB space. If that’s your thing feel free to bring some and if it’s not just know it will likely be in the space. 


November 6th, 13th and 20th from 7:30 to 10pm | $150


My Studio is a safe space-- no racism, cissexism, classism, faithism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, or general hatefullness will be tolerated. If you would like more clarity of what that means then please reach out.