Noelle Sharp of Aporta textiles

Noelle Sharp and I were asked to be part of the Gift Box holiday show at Monique Meloche gallery last December.

We couldn’t have known it then but the unusually snowy and cold day would prove to be foretelling in two ways—the winter was going to be relentless and Noelle and I were going to utilize our different skill sets to collaborate. After maybe a few too many drinks at the cozy—albeit slow—show, many of us traded our goods for others. I came away with a Sarah Shikama necklace, Ryan Pickle glitter smear and Aporta “Scouts honor” knit Beanie. A few weeks later, owner of APORTA,  Noelle Sharp and I met for coffee to complete the trade and spark up a conversation regarding our current projects.

She had just finished a small line of one-of-a-kind necklaces using icelandic horse vertebrae she had selected while climbing the Rettartungur Mountain. While also being the owner of APORTA textiles, Noelle makes other works of Art and jewelry.  She has recently expanded her site to include one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry AND curated items from local artists. 

Noelle is a SAIC grad with a resume that includes residencies in Iceland and Detroit, assistant to artists Christy Matson, Sarah Wagne. Tanya Gill and assistant teaching at Penland School of Craft in Asheville. She also speaks at SAIC on “Business Management and Art.” You get a sense of both her eagerness to be making and evolving as an artist, as well as, her earnest desire to thrive as a business owner. She speaks quickly and has a fast-paced sense about her that is not at all stressed or chaotic—it really just comes off as energized and bright.

Noelle seems so naturally devoted to being a maker and a small business owner that it is refreshingly graceful. Finding a rhythm can be clumsy: you can get off centered, forget your motives, stop actually making, and lose time. Noelle values that her efforts in business allow her more time to create. She is motivated to have the best work she can and also have a healthy work/life balance. Primarily so the two sides can fuel eachother.

Visit her website here.