Meghan Lorenz of Cities in dust

In 2010 I had just moved to Chicago and decided to develop the Portrait in Metal Series. Luckily, Meghan Lorenz of Cities in Dust Jewelry generously offered to be the first guinea pig without even knowing me. We have remained close friends ever since, cheering eachother on and offering up personal advice on navigating ones own buisness. I recently went to her studio space at the Feather Loft to document the changes to both her business and designs since we last posted for this series. I think re-visiting and re-publishing this interview illustrates the importance of community building. Getting out there and seeing what my peers where up to has been incredibly helpful and encouraging for me and I hope these interviews help to show that. Meghan's previous interview is re-published below along with the old photographs. While a lot has changed— Urban Outfitters as a stockist, use of original cast metal designs and an established eye for gorgeous lookbooks—her same friendly, generous, and grounded sensability has remained. 

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