Laura Prieto-Velasco of Hvnter Gvtherer Jewelry

“Though organic matter must decay,destruction remains a creative force and space for change.”

Laura Prieto-Velasco makes beautifully dark and tormented looking jewelry and art objects. Her color palette is matte black and the textures she achieves through forging and then layering with powder coating is mysterious and rich. Her work is constantly evolving and changing—this is common for many jewelry designers as they change with the allotted “Seasons.” However Laura’s change is propelled by the constantly expanding list of collaborative art projects she embarks on and a personal philosophy of perpetual renewal . This is very important for Laura, not to design objects that die with trends but rather are rooted in history or myth and therefore timeless. From collection to collection you see an aesthetic language that gets reborn and fine-tuned with her evolving practice and experience.

Laura utilizes music, sound, and movement to deeply consider art as adornment. It is no wonder Flamenco is an obsession of hers. So much so, that she only allows herself to indulge very sparingly. She is so fueled by the passionate dance, rhythmic and jolting music, and ornate costumes that she has committed much of its history to memory. Laura works with many female musicians on detailed collaborations marrying her love of movement and expression with her own art adornment.

On her website Laura asks “Ornament or weapon? Jewel or armor? Ancient or modern?“ And then concludes “Perhaps there is no difference.”  I have found that most things of truth and beauty are within themselves dichotomies. Intended to showcase the fine line where authentic beauty exists. HVNTER GVTHERER purposely plays the counterpoint and coaxes us into being bolder for it. 

1. Where do you go for inspiration? what inspires?

Ancient cultures, archeology and science, to put it broadly ;) I’m really inspired by the way people make things and how these things create meaning in their lives. Other people greatly inspire me – designers, artists, friends, musicians, writers…the list is endless.

2. What is your method and process for making?

I like to think of my process as being mostly orgainic, and I spend my time developing designs that hone my favorite skills in a meaningful way, exploring new ideas with others, feeding a passion, and aiming for creative survival.

3. How do you think your method of jewelry collecting relates to your artistic process?

It’s a practice of studying and mimicry – when we are fascinated by a material we collect as many forms of it as we can gain a purer understanding of it’s “true” nature. I not only collect jewelry but lots of metal artifacts that have particular meaning and have helped shape my understanding of the properties of metal.

It’s a type of catacomb for direct experience in an age of hyper technology and image saturation.

4. What is next?

I am currently working on a collaboration with Zeitgeist Publishing, who is designing and printing a limited edition booklet possibly using handmade papers. Later this summer I am releasing a mini capsule collection with Chelsea Wolfe to coincide with her new album ABYSS and then releasing a collection of one of a kind black leather pieces with custom scents by LVNEA for this fall.

Always something on the horizon ☺ I leak info about Several other projects in the works mostly via social media (instagram: @hvntergvtherer) if anyone wants to follow along for most up to date information.