I am a solo business person so I ship out twice a week. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment with a majority shipping out 3-5 business days.


Unless they have gold accents or specifically say otherwise (if you're buying a OOAK sculptural piece check their details) then they are all dishwasher safe and microwavable. However, I suggest hand-washing to avoid chipping.


Yes, I actually think creating a healing and fun masturbation ritual for yourself will do a large thing in making the world a better place. Audre Lorde writes about The Uses of the Erotic in her compilation of essays Sister Outsider. Reading it changed my life. Knowing the full extent of the pleasure you are capable of makes grinding it out under an oppressive system intolerable. So you fortify with pleasure and fight for more time and better conditions in order to get more for yourself and others. Pleasure has a stigma for a reason and I am working to expose that.


Remove as much debris from the holes as you can with an unbound paper clip. If it needs more then use coarse salt and rubbing alcohol (or use Formula 420) and shake in a zip lock bag.


Unless you have received the wrong size item or the item arrived to you damaged, I no longer accept returns or repairs. Check in with a local jeweler repair shop to see if they can help you and if not contact through this site for suggestions. Most repairs to my jewelry will cost under $30.


First, I just want to state that I am in no way a licensed sex therapist or “expert” these are my opinions gathered from my own limited personal experience so take them or leave them. Generally this (very frequent) question comes to me from people with vulvas or from people trying to get a person with a vulva off. I have a vulva so this is my experience with it. I changed the language to be inclusive to people with all different parts because I think this might be helpful to everyone but just so you have the full picture of where I am coming from. If any of this rubs you the wrong way, drop me a line! I am a sponge and I don’t want to lead anyone astray or offend anyone. Any feedback or questions OR ADDITIONS are welcome!


There are many ways to do this. Here are some ideas…

1a. Reassure them with things like “oh baby you taste/smell so good.” or “I could set up camp down here this is so hot to me” also questions to help you do a better job can be so hot too “Is this pressure ok?” “Is this a good spot?” Should I go faster? Slower? Softer? Harder?”

Seriously, having someone whisper up at you between spread legs is so GD hot.

1b. Check in with how your partner likes their parts to be referred to. You might think saying “pussy” is hot but your partner might have bad experiences with that word and it might actually get all up in there head and stop their flow. Maybe they are like “yuck, the word pussy is dead to me indefinitely because of all those trans-exclusive, white-feminist pink pussy hats at the Women’s March.” Can you blame them? And also your person is WOKE! Changing language to say cunt or box or kitty or whatever you two come up with can keep them in pleasure town. Ask what they like and share what you think is hot for yours too. Get creative!

1c. Offer to cum first. The reality is that in most hetero scenarios (opposite sex relations) the dude does anyways (IF I HAD A GD DOLLAR) Offering to do so shows you see her generosity but also understand that it might help her to relax if you go first. Womxn are socialized to please. Its not always easy to fight so maybe in this moment don’t? Try this:  “How about I’ll go first and then once I have a moment to catch my breath we can take as long as you like pleasuring you. I have all afternoon and nothing else I’d rather do!!!” This also might be something you realize once you’re in the moment. Maybe she seems stressed and worried it's taking too long. Once that thought hits it can be hard to get it out of your head. Pause, offer to go first, then return to what you are doing so she can relax into it.

1d. Don’t pressure someone to cum. Not everyone cums during sex. That’s ok. Goal-oriented sex can end up feeling like a chore or worse something they have to do (THAT’S NEVER OK) Touching and sexy time is about adult playing and exploration and (I think) about time-travel and sensations. Putting too much emphasis on cuming can get you out of your body and into your head. It will happen or it won’t but be patient and enjoy all of it. (If this is something you are very stuck on, I have some more detailed games and advice I can share so email me!)


One way to get out of your head and into your body might be to play some games. Do they say the same curse word when they get close? Tell them you're gonna stop your tongue magic if they says “fuck” again. Watch them bite their lip and try not to say fuck. Its hot as hell. I think this is technically called “edging” and ooooh is that shit fun. You can also ask them to read their favorite poem or passage from a book and stop if they stop. TRY IT and THANK ME cause those kinda orgasms will make a person levitate. (That's what this poem over here is about >>^^)


I fucking love sexting. Not all of us can just spontaneously jump in the sack. Sometimes we need a little foreplay. But maybe y’all are busy holding down two jobs and only get to have 1 date night a week cause FUCK CAPITALISM, AMIRIGHT? Sext about wanting to sex. Send sexy pics throughout the week. Having to figure out what words you're gonna use to turn each other on helps build a language you can use when you are in person. It's like practice kinda. I'm not the most articulate (vocal sure!) when I am doing the deed. At times I feel bashful, we all have our things. Sexting has really helped me come up with phrases about what I like and how to say it. Sometimes I will make myself read my sexts out loud in the privacy of my own bathtub for practice. Being a good lover to yourself and others takes practice! And taking a few moments to send some sexy bathroom pics can build body confidence (especially if you're being affirmed with the heart eye emoji followed with the fire or whatever) Being comfortable in our own skin makes the cum much easier to get to. 

MASTURBATE for yourself.

Feel free to sext about it but masturbating helps you know where your hot spots are, what pressure is good and also helps with restlessness, anxiety and depression. Having a hard time falling asleep? Masturbate! Need to do your taxes? Procasturbate! Need a good cry? Release that damn energy! Bored/Tired/Horny/See something pretty—you know what to do!

Having a sexual relationship with yourself is so damn healthy. Maybe your partner doesn’t wanna for whatever reason. But maybe you can lead by example…. “Baby, I was so stressed earlier so I looked at those hot pics you sent and came so hard. It felt so good. Excited to see you later” You might find they try it for themselves sometime because they don’t feel any need for the shame they might be associating with masturbating— you released them of that in the safety and comfort of your relational dynamics. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FRIEND!

Try doing it (all the way or mostly) sober.

I can’t cum if I am drunk. Some people can. Maybe you have some sexy time before you hit the club. Maybe its how you pregame! I always get a lot of compliments about my skin when I go out just after sexy sesh. “Leah! You’re glowing!” And then you get to smirk at each other and watch that little secret build into an ALL.NIGHT.SEXPLOSION!  

And lastly, Hey pals I am QUEER! I learned all this by exploring my body and sexuality with all different people. AND by sharing conversation with others. Find friends that you can be real with (if you can) and help one another. I encourage you to stretch your damn mind and make friends with different people and talk about all kinds of sex. Appreciate the spectrum, see yourself on it and queer up your sex life. Play with your rolls, play with your parts, play with toys, play with your vulnerability! I’m not saying you gotta do things you don’t want to do with people you don’t want to, but respect that we all like different things and be grateful for that. You’re gonna have more fun because of our wondrous differences and our frisky similarities. YOU'RE GD WELCOME

Also, GUESS WHAT? The above lesson in communication, checking-in, reciprocity, being nice and making sure it is fun for you both is totally like “FUCK RAPE CULTURE!” You checking in and playing fun games and caring about one another (even if its just a 1 night thingy) is radical and basically you will be doing a pretty big thing in dismantling rape culture. Rape culture is fear of productive intimate collaboration. Any guess on why this benefits the powers that be? Tinting one of our most fortifying human interactions with distrust and power-plays weaken our collective immune system. So get out there and Co-lube-erate!


In order to keep your bronze jewelry shiny it takes a little bit of tender love and care. Each person's body reacts uniquely. If you need a good clean I recommend a sunshine polishing cloth to rub out the oxidation. (Every jewelry order receives one with purchase.) Or apply baking soda and lemon juice with a hard bristle tooth brush and scrub it away. A few coats of clear nail polish inside the band will help prevent skin discoloration.


I'll go first, my name is Leah, I use she/her/they/them and I am a Gemini!

In order to create an inclusive, fun, and welcoming space for everyone I ask that we start each class with a basic introduction in order for us to respectfully communicate with one another. It's basically how people ask that you refer to them. On the surface, it's just a thoughtful way to share space. I wouldn't presume to know your name so I won't presume to know your pronouns either. I know for many of my workshop participants this is the first time for sharing this. That's great! I like for the spaces I create to feel safe and a great place to practice so that way it's more comfortable when we go out in this big diverse world. If it's not something you have had to think about consider how that's one less thing on your plate to stress about. And then consider that practicing sharing yours might go a long way in making people who do have to face it feel more comfortable. 

I welcome people to use she/her but prefer they/them and here is why. Unfortunately because of gender power and the limits of gender essentialism on our imaginations for human behavior, I think categorizing people with gendered pronouns tends to affect the way we see people. It's all the way deep in our subconscious and I prefer to not have my skills, abilities, and nature determined for me by being referred to as she/her without my consent. I generally refer to people using they/them unless they have specified otherwise directly to me and I found it started helping me break down preconceived notions of people's behavior based on my ideas of gender.

Let me give you a scenario. Often in a toxic power dynamic if someone is being fucked with but the person relaying the info refers to the victim as "she" we might question what she did to deserve it or warrant that imbalance or if it really happened that way. If we say "they" then it's more likely we will look at the dynamic of the interaction in regards to boundaries, communication and safety and that's what really matters at the end of the day. 

And as for the sun sign, I just think it's fun and a great conversation starter. I always wanna talk about the latest Chani Nicholas affirmation when I can so it's just me using our intro as an excuse. GO TO chaninicholas.com if you have not already!!!



That's all for now, but please email with any other questions you might have! MUCH LOVE!


You descend from where our lips grew swollen,
Over my chin and to my throat.
Your mouth pressed lightly against my neck
you whisper

“I want you to tell me what this feels like”

As you move down my body,
the skin that was once warmed in contact

Feels the absence of your heat in chills.
and the skin that you’re about to touch, 
impatiently burns at me.
“Please” I whisper on behalf of my skin
You kiss, heavy and wet the crease between
My thigh and hip,
you know exactly where to look to find the untouched
In between escaped breaths I say the words that come to my mouth

That my blood is chasing you around my body
Rushing to where your teeth scrape just after your lips suck
You move lower with hands and tongue
I feel this descent deep and cellular
You take your finger from my clit down my labia and back.
I say that it feels like what the word strum means.
It’s a fluid motion that reverberates in my bones.
A chattering warmth
Neon and fuzzy
But when the building pleasure starts to slow my mind’s tongue
You softly stop
And I smile, I know this game.

So I push the words off my tongue in order to keep yours strumming
They plummet from my mouth
And dive deep into my chest
They arrange themselves into a web from my nipples to my cunt
Or strings between
And we continue to play them
This bodily chant
Words formed in me
Incantation between spread legs
Moans mixing with words to make song.
That builds in drips and bursts
Until we fall into a steady, 
heavy breath silence.
To hear our improvisation still hanging in the air.