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All Photos on cover by Andie Meadows
Models Lucky Stiff, Liz Gomez and Jory Zhang
All Poems by Leah Ball


My self

With my ripe mouth

And sensitive toes

I move through this cold world

But there are pockets of warmth I want to taste

There are refractions of dancing light I want to touch

There are tunnels between moments of clarity

Like finding tears at the edges of laughter,

Or emotions that start at the roof of your mouth

That I can only witness

So I breath in what sensations I can

to construct a relic from my particules

That I will use to play into my body

Using my fingers i will conjure a bright light

Within my belly I will cultivate a warmth

And in the pulsating pleasure of my expanding cum

I will enact love for this world through touch on myself.

For You

The subway is tight

Someone is pushed too close behind me

and the way I startle reminds me of when

You come up behind me when I am distracted

and kiss the soft place below my hipbone

Leaving a trace of saliva that cools

as I jump away

I blush

This person,

Behind me

has no idea they made me wet

just then

For you

Love Letters

You write in red marks and purple bruises on my skin

Love letters in teeth, tongue and lips

My responses are left

Hanging in the air

Everywhere my breath catches

Or a soft moan escapes.


Little Touch

You take your thumb roughly over my mouth,

Saliva spreading across my cheek.

your other hand slowly traces down the middle of my body

Penetrating my core with just the littlest touch

I want you to know that such a small thing

A whole punch size area on your middle index finger

Is lightening to me

It erases any other thought but the demanding need between my legs

My skin burns

The air in my chest heats up and expands

It is a tingling, suffocating warmth that sedates me

You guide your fingers in search of the wetness I am dripping.

Its an ocean and you take two fingers and plunge into my rolling waves.

I drip down your arm as you coax moans from my belly

I am trying to sit still but I know you can feel how open my legs have become

It shows in your bitten lower lip.

A feeling of sinking, thick and slow

Are you sinking into me?

Or did the line you trace along my body become a seam that I am folding into?

You bring me back toward your eyes

By slowly pulling your fingers from inside me.

It’s a deep sensation, your warmth leaving me from within.

Jolts me to this side of consciousness

taking your wet fingers up to your mouth.

I shut my eyes and think of the way you taste

As you taste me.

You bring your lips down to slowly savour mine

Speeding up in tempo with my heart and breath

Until I burst at the seams you scored with your finger

For a moment I am not a body, for a moment I am only a body.

Possibly I am just a warm haze floating above your face.